diy: making furniture from pallets


Used shipping pallets are great to use for a design DIY project. They are inexpensive, rustic looking and using reclaimed wood/products is evironmental friendly. You can paint them (or not) and pile them up with some lovely cushions to create a sofa. But there is a lot more you can do. Here are some of the best pallet projects that I found online.








(image source: 1. C. Aarsland Photograpy, 2. Style At Home, 3. Design*Sponge, 4. VT Wonen, 5. unknown, 6.Witte Huisjes, 7. Nana Bech, 8. Peppar O Vanilj)

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  • Hi Danielle

    I just found your site and have checked out a few of your articles, loving the images. Do you just feature finished projects on your site? We are renovating a 3os house to cutting edge eco standards and are looking for a few people to track our project. Not enough people are investing in old buildings in the UK, and there are many.

    We think smaller projects need more airtime, there are too many projects that are not relevant to people with normal jobs…

    Small can be beautiful and inspiring!

    Keep up the good work 🙂



  • Don’t forget to check the chemical codes on the sides of your pallets to make sure the wood hasn’t been treated or sprayed (fumigated for when they are used for transporting goods). You can look the different country codes up online. Once you know they’re safe happy making!