moody hues


Today some dark colored interiors. I think the dark hues fit the wet and gloomy weather here in The Netherlands. I like these images but I do prefer a bit of color here and there. How do you feel about using darker colors in your home?






(images source. 1., 2. & 5. Lily, 3. unknown, 4. & 6. mixr)

6 Responses to moody hues

  1. Oh, no! Now I have an unbelievable craving for affogato!…

  2. I love the black door. Where I lived previously there was an old wooden door painted red with a stained glass window representing an art deco rose . It was beautiful, but the draught was desperate!

  3. Great windows everywhere.
    In that case color is less ‘necessary’, otherwise color makes me happy too …

  4. nice1 <3 I love 'N' letter and the black doors awww how gorgeous! xoxo

  5. The first pictures are actually from a blog called “Likainen parketti” and Lily is the name of the puplication 🙂

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