OYOY is a new Danish interior design company with a mission to design functional products in high quality materials with beautiful colours and shapes. OYOY creates high-quality products focussing on form, function, colour and exquisite materials. OYOY is inspired by the classic, Scandinavian style, adding undertones of simple, Japanese design and a passion for combining colour and materials. The result is a unique blend of simplicity and colourful design.




OYOY’s primary designer is Lotte Fynboe, who was educated at TEKO in Herning with a speciality in interior and furniture design. Shape, graphic, colour and clean materials inspires Lotte Fynboe and her motto is “less is more”. A lot of the products are redesigns of childhood memories. “The simple things should have one colour stroke, which should be seen and give the product edge. The things we surround us with should make us happy and give us energy.”

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