xo in my room


XO-in my room is a new Spanish (thanks Agata!) furniture label for kids. It is a venture of three brothers who have combined their passion for well designed furniture, their love for high quality materials and their craftsmanship and started designing and making beautiful children’s furniture. Between the three of them they have 10 children so you can say that they are experts on the subject!



You can visit their store here and see all items available. Everything here is handmade with love and care!

5 Responses to xo in my room

  1. It is a great brand! but Spanish not Dutch 😉 they are based in Barcelona.

  2. Thanks for the update Agata! I had read somewhere that the label was Dutch.. I will make the correction!

  3. Thank you for this ! I’m always delighted to discover Spanish brands !

  4. Absolutely beautiful and i’m a bit sorry that the best pieces are sold ;O) Thanks for this great post!

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