a reading nook


I would love to have a reading nook! They just look so cozy and quiet, perfect to read a good book or magazine. But unfortunately I don’t have the proper spot for it in our home. And even if we had, with a energetic two year old I don’t think I would ever have a quiet moment to curl up with a cup of tea and a book. But I keep on dreaming!



10 Responses to a reading nook

  1. Reading nook! What a funny word in english.
    But I would like to have one ,-)

  2. Very cool post, thanks! Love those nooks.

  3. Just beautiful. Love the reading nook with the alpine outlook. I think reading nooks make you feel relaxed just by looking at them…

  4. I could curl up on any of these three cosy little nooks I just love the extra storage space….
    Carla x

  5. Absolutely gorgeous love reading and love these nooks x

  6. Awesome! I want to have sth silimar in the future in my house 🙂

  7. Good furniture and decorating style…thanks for the ideas

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