a bit of color




A bit of color on this rainy day. Have a wonderful weekend, see you on Monday!

(images: Sotheby’s, Julie Thevenot, The Apartment)

9 Responses to a bit of color

  1. Wow, beautiful blog! Just found you here and on Pinterest – hello 🙂

  2. I would love some rain – far too sunny here in San Francisco Bay.

  3. Welcome Lottie!

  4. I’d send some rain your way Tricia, if only I could!

  5. Lovely blog, great inspiration.

  6. Love the hanging on the wall! So simple squares, but interesting due to the unusual colour combinations (not too systematic)

  7. oh my! where can I purchase that mulit coloured bedspread from in the first image under the heading? =)

  8. Oh, Wow! This coloured quilt on the first pic is really wonderful.
    Please, can you tell me where to you buy it?

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