paella party


This lovely house in Melbourne, Australia, belongs to Poppy who not only has a great eye for decorating but also can cook some delicious paella. Such a great dish for summer!


You can find the recipe for this dish as well as more photos of this beautiful home on Keke’s blog.


Keke is the side project of Melbourne based artist Kirra Jamison. This blog is inspired by the people that Kirra know, the places they cook and the food they share.

3 Responses to paella party

  1. fijne keuken om paella te maken 😉 dank voor de tip!

  2. Beautiful house! and i love paella! I´m hungry now…

  3. WOW! Love all the colours and the style! A pitty Melbourne is not next to my frontdoor, living in the Netherlands, so I have to make the paella myself.

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