a tiny but lovely house in uruguay


One of the photos from yesterday’s post is from a very small house in Uruguay. I posted about this lovely home some years ago but perhaps not all of you have seen it so there it is again. This house is located in the dunes of Cabo Polonio on the eastern coast of Uruguay. It is small, fitting only two people. The materials used for building are very simple, like those of all the houses in Cabo Polonio.


Also the interior is simple with whitewashed walls and floors. The main color is white with accessories in earthy tones. True to the spirit of the inhabitants in the area, the house remains without electricity using lanterns and candles.


(images from Espacio Living)

12 Responses to a tiny but lovely house in uruguay

  1. Oh my! I love this so much. such beautiful simplicity!

  2. It’s just perfect!

  3. Hi, what a small and lovely place!! Have a great day!

  4. I love the light here! Small, simple, but with soul, love it!

  5. Beautiful,the simple elements which make that house a home.

  6. I just went to the coast of Uruguay earlier this year and it really is as beautiful as you pictures show. Love the house. It’s perfection! What city was this home close to?

  7. Love the whitewashed look of this tiny house. Looks so serene to be there.

  8. This is a wonderful house and location. I want to spend my holiday there, such a tranquil place!
    Hope you are fine!

  9. I love the interior but the landscape is a little too lonely for my taste

  10. How simple and perfect.

  11. Is this place available to rent? nightly or weekly?

  12. I am curious too if this house is available for rent. Please let me know!

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