lovely white


If you love white, then today is a good day on the style files! Here some lovely ‘all white’ images.





(images from Petra Bindel, Stolab, Amorelou, Jongen and Meisje, Hideminy, Brookfarm, Home Life)

7 Responses to lovely white

  1. Always love white. With four boys, guess how much white I don’t have? I have all white furniture in both my master bedroom and office and someday maybe a kitchen too. Thanks for sharing lovely white pics. Elizabeth

  2. White is perfect color for house! <3 My favorite


  3. Hi Danielle,
    Mooie inspiratie foto’s, wit in huis is helemaal mijn smaak! Bedankt,

  4. so lovely and white!
    x kat

  5. White is forever beautiful…
    My children laugh when I say “white is my favourite colour”
    “white is not a colour” they correct me, but it is still my favourite!
    Love Norralee xx

  6. Love this post! You can never go wrong with white. 🙂

  7. I have always considered white as a suitable home decorating tool because it creates a nice ambiance and comforting atmosphere. Somehow, it also contributes in making a place look really clean.

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