another beautiful home on panarea, italy


Today another stunning home on Panarea, an small volcanic island near Sicily, Italy. Also this home has a rustic yet stylish decor and a stunning sea view. I regularly receive email from readers asking whether the homes that I feature are for rent. Unfortunately I don’t have any information on this. If you are looking for a holiday rental on Panarea it is best to google and search on sites like this one and this one.






(images from Adriano Bachella)

6 Responses to another beautiful home on panarea, italy

  1. Hi, wow what a wonderful place! Love the style you have on your blog! Have a great day!!

  2. Wow, this home is amazing!
    Lovely sea view… I want to be there right now!!!

  3. I feel like I am on a holiday just by looking at those breathtaking, gorgeous images.

  4. This house seems to be in Greek islands…

  5. folco landini

    I would like to rent this beautifull house in july from 16th to 23th: it
    is possible?
    thanks and regards
    Folco Landini

  6. Look soooooooooo Greek to me…

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