the perfect summer accessory


This summer we will be seeing lots of bracelets. I LOVE these ones with hand made braided fabric and a beautiful stone.


The bracelets are great to wear alone or together for a more colorful effect. Available from Le Souk (€43.95).


(images from Lookbook, Accessoras Blogg, Home & Living, Le Souk, Miss Jenny, Helt Enkelt)

6 Responses to the perfect summer accessory

  1. They are really lovely. Would love to buy one too!

  2. I like the bracelet, but where in the world are those rings from in the first photo?

  3. I really like the ones with the bright stones in the middle, will look amazing in Spring/Summer.

  4. That are really the perfect acsessory! Like it 🙂


  5. Oh, these are gorgeous! Love the black one! I think I’m gonna repost it! Hope you’re ok with that! Btw, your blog is beautiful, one of my favourites. xoxo

  6. Really into the gray strap/turquoise stone one. Very bold – cool, different take on the basic wrap bracelet.


    Kate L. Harris

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