llamas’ valley


I recently received an email from Alge Ramanauskienelike presenting a new online e-magazine called “Llamas’ valley“. This beautiful magazine is about perfect places and imperfect people. Topics covered are interior design, decor, art, fashion, food.


The three creators started with six Lithuanian issues of the magazine, and they now have published the first English edition.


These beautiful images are from mln studio. This stands for “mano lietuviski namai”, which means “my lithuanian home”. The two interior designers from Lithuania also have a beautiful shop.


(images by Augis Narmontas for Llamas’ Valley)

4 Responses to llamas’ valley

  1. really like the muted, soft colours. Makes the space.

  2. Hey! hermoso blog! me visto casi todo tu blog y las otos son hermosas he inspiradoras! ame tu blog! sere tu nueva seguidora! vista mi blog 😉

  3. Hi! What a great set of pictures! Thanks for sharing, have to check out “Llamas’ valley“ – Have a great day!

  4. i love the colors, the textures

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