white kitchen with blue stove


Today I’m loving … this white kitchen with a light blue stove.

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  1. 200% love!! I want that stove!!

  2. I really love this types of stove on the white kitchen! I want this immediately to decorate my kitchen amazingly. I have seen many types of stove but this is really extraordinary to me. 400 percent love for this stove!!!

  3. Tina Ramchandani

    This is an amazing shade of blue! I never thought of using the stove to make the kitchen pop. Very pretty.

  4. Is that a Falcon stove? So so pretty

  5. ohh wow, that´s pretty!

  6. Love the wall and the ceiling… and the kitchen of course!

  7. What a charming way to make a statement in a neutral kitchen. The shade of blue is so pretty it just might make you excited to cook!

  8. just perfect! I like stainless steel but this stove much more unique!

  9. I love this blue – I’d call it “duck egg blue” I currently have my living room painted in this colour with minimal/simple white furniture. You’d think it might appear cold but it doesn’t at all!

  10. inLove!


  11. Very cool idea! And I looooove that blue!

  12. I covet those whom have a chance to dine in this kitchen.l wish l wiil one day.

  13. This is my dream kitcheni. The pleasant time in there to cook and bake. I just love it!!!

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