colourful cushions by harvest textiles


Today I’m loving … these colourful cushions from Australian label Harvest Textiles. I especially like their cloud shaped cushion which will bring a smile to your face even on rainy days! All items are handmade with love and care in Melbourne, Australia.


Harvest Textiles is a team of three women who share a passion for quality handmade textiles, the joy of learning, community and sustainability. They make lovely hand screen-printed clothing, homewares, yardage handmade costumes and handmade DIY contemporary toy kits. As a brand, they try to use organic, recycled or locally produced fabrics where possible to reduce impact on the environment. Hurray for Harvest Textiles!

7 Responses to colourful cushions by harvest textiles

  1. The pillows in shapes of clouds are lovely, and the graphic patterns as well!

  2. they are so cute

  3. So colorful and happy looking! Thanks for the post!

  4. The Cloud is obviously inspired by Donna Wilson, bad design ethic.

  5. They look fantastic

  6. I absolutely love these pillows! Such great and fun designs! Awesome find – thanks!!!

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