more grey bedrooms


As many of you liked my previous post about grey bedrooms and I had plenty more inspiring images, today part two in the grey bedroom series. I hope you enjoy these as well!




The beautiful duvet cover with Bear print is available from Le Souk!



(source: 1.& 3. Marie Claire Maison, 2. Vosges Paris, 4. Daniella Witte 5. Weekday Carnival, 6. Patricia Ketelsen)

9 Responses to more grey bedrooms

  1. Oh, I absolutely adore the first bedroom pic. The bed spread is fantastic…not mentioning the painting! OH, yes I truly love this room. Thx for making my day! 😉


  2. You have a wonderful blog. Congrats!

  3. beautiful bedrooms

  4. Love your blog!

    You share so beautiful things!!!

    Merry Xmas! 🙂

    I´ll come back for sure

  5. beautiful bedrooms, so many inspiring tips.

  6. Beautiful, makes me want to change my bedrooms green William Morris wallpaper to a more serene tone…

  7. Thank you for your focus on my work ,bed room N°3.
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