a lovely cottage in småland, sweden


When Michael Stokkeby bought this cottage in Småland, Sweden, it needed an extensive renovation as it wasn’t renovated since the 1970’s. With regard to the interior of the cottage, it was important to Michael that it would be easy and breath summer.


On the floors are carpets, furniture is old and often a bit worn or made from untreated wood.


Michael uses this lovely house to escape his busy city life during the weekends and holidays. After a few hours’ drive he can forget about everyday life. With a beautiful forest nearby, the cottage has become the perfect place for relaxation and inspiration!


Almost every corner of the house is decorated for relaxation. A comfortable sofa, a bed, a hammock, a recliner: there are lots of places to relax.


The cottage has been painted with Falun red paint with white trims and window frames. Falun is the name of a Swedish, deep red paint well known for its use on wooden cottages and barns. The paint originated from the copper mine at Falun in Dalarna, Sweden. The traditional colour remains popular today due to its effectiveness in preserving wood


(images from Hus o Hem)

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  • Such a lovely location right here. How much does it cost?

    And do you think it is hard to learn swedish language? Because I really love it and I’m going to go there this summer. Still have a time to learn some basics, don’t you think so?



  • I am from Sweden and my family lives in Dalarna and yes we have a lot of this kind of houses, I can´t decide for you if our language is hard to learn but there will always be a reply if you ask something in English and we are very friendly. :’)
    What you should do if you go to Sweden/Dalarna is to travel around the lake Siljan. Visit these places and your trip will be a succes:
    Falun (Falun coppermine) (Sundborn – the Carl Larsson family house, close to Falun) , Rättvik, Leksand, Orsa (they have a wild animal zoo there with all of the nordic predators.) Mora, Sollerön (my home island! Try to have a bike with you, july is perfect. Strawberryfields and warm weather.)
    Just stay close to the lake and good luck!