office space


Today I’m loving … this light and spacious office space.

10 Responses to office space

  1. I like the glass covered office desk – what a great way of displaying things you find special

  2. Isn’t this standard IKEA?

  3. wow! I love all that space and the desk with the space below the glass, it could be very useful when you don´t have a big desk (like me!!!).

  4. Beautiful light space! Love the timber chair/light desk and floor combo. The lamp is also a winner!

  5. this is sooo nice! i love it!

  6. Now this is what I wish my office space looked like. So roomy and fresh feeling. Mines more like a old building- after being demolished.

  7. i have a crush on it!!!! thanks for sharing!!

  8. does anyone know where this desk is from?

  9. That would be a lovely and lively place to work in =)

  10. beautiful office space. love the lighting and lavender

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