a charming home in sweden


Danish born Leah lives with her son and husband in Vayu, a charming village in southern Sweden. She sells and restores vintage furniture, giving them new life with a fresh color of paint.


The vintage pieces are then installed in their own house, until a new owner has been found. In the living room (above) only the sofa is contemporary, Lea decorated the living room with vintage furniture from Sweden, Denmark and London. The chair, covered with a sheep skin, is designed in 1948 by Sonny Rysen. The red candle holder is traditionally used in Sweden during Christmas.


The dresser has been painted white and stores a collection of mismatched glasses and ancient pottery coming from all over the world.


The bench matches with the yellow doors.


The bedroom is predominantly white: only the small table and the bedspread are not white.


(images from Marie Claire Maison)

9 Responses to a charming home in sweden

  1. I love that wainscotting and the bedroom .. it is a bit bare for my taste but very light , which I love. I especially like the yellow doors 🙂

  2. I love the pops of color. I love those aqua painted chairs…I may have to do that some day. That is one of my favorite colors and I have always loved when the dining room chairs have flare.

  3. I am especially crazy about that first picture. Gorgeous!

  4. Loving the bright accents that really make the white walls pop!

  5. Hi! Is the first time that we’re here… ande we really enjoyed your site! Kisses from Madrid! Michelle & Atelier Decor team

  6. Gorgeous color of green chairs. I love the rustic charming look.

  7. Love the chairs in the first picture. I am looking for some chairs from my eat in kitchen, these would be perfect. What kind of chair are they?

  8. It’s so cozy, and rustic, yet simple and clean. All the details are perfect. Love it!


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