a very small house in uruguay


This house is located in the dunes of Cabo Polonio on the eastern coast of Uruguay. It is small, fitting only two people. The materials used for building are very simple, like those of all the houses in Cabo Polonio.


Also the interior is simple with whitewashed walls and floors. The main color is white with accessories in earthy tones. True to the spirit of the inhabitants in the area, the house remains without electricity using lanterns and candles.


(images from Espacio Living)

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  • Cabo Polonio have no direct road, you need to take a special transportation that brings you there after going through the dunes surrounding the town. There´s no electricity and no cars. It´s the perfect place to get lost for some days. I love to see how simple houses could be also be very cozy and functional. It seems to be a great house to stay during spring or autumn there (not too hot and not too cold!).

  • Merciiii Daniele… it’s just exactly the guest house project I drew last time for my french southern Bastide… let’s see in few months for the result!!!

  • sorry for ruin the party, although it is a beautiful and inspiring little house, it’s roof, as seen in the photos here, is made out of Asbestos, which is a highly dangerous material causing cancer (and in many countries is illegal using it in buildings), and “just” for that reason there is no way i ever would have dream about staying at that place. no matter how serene and relaxing this place looks like, its pretty nerve-racking sleeping in this bed under this horrible roof…

  • I´m from Uruguay! I always check this web, I realy like it, congrats and tks for share we us all this nice things. Cabo Polonio is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. It´s where I used to stay on my vacations and let me tell you, Cabo it´s the meaning of been disconected. Karen, the roof might not be the healthier, but been sorounded by many computers, cars, smoke, bad food and stress, like all of us probably live our lifes all the time, it´s not healthy eather. In Cabo there´s no electricity, no cars, just sea, sand, sun and nice people playing instruments under the stars at night and sharing nice moments. You are totally welcome to my country.

  • @Lau: looking forward to see pics of your french bastide!
    @Jenny: thanks for the information! cabo polonio seems like a perfect place to escape from hectic life for a while..

  • Yeah… I don’t think you can get cancer from staying there for a few day’s, I would love to be there right now!
    P.S. you can get cancer from a lot thing’s.

  • I’ve been obsessed with tiny houses lately! Wish I had a little country getaway like this, no need for anything else! 🙂

  • I am wondering if there is any contact info
    For the cabin in cabot polonio Uruguay?
    I’m heading down there & it looks so lovely!
    I’d love to rent it.
    Thanks !

  • Sara there are not many houses there, just print the pics and for sure u will be directed by any local. Trust me

  • We love your house
    We are in pedrera and we woul’d like to rent your lovely house for fews days. It’s can be the 19 january to the 26 or less. We are designer and decorator for movie from montreal. We will take take care of your place. Coul’d you anwser soon as possible. We want to be there tomorrow!

    Mario et amelie

  • About the roof. It is possible that the roofpanels are made of asbestos, but these panels could also be made of normal concrete or cement. If it is asbestos, it is still completely safe as long as you don’t destroy the structure (by cutting it and breaking it to pieces). Only then small particles can be released that can be harmfull to health. And even then we are talking large amounts or long duration of exposure. No worries when a nice sea breeze will keep the area clean all year around 🙂