serene bedroom


Today I’m loving … this serene bedroom with brick walls and ensuite bathroom. More images of this old farmhouse in Italy are featured on The Travel Files.

7 Responses to serene bedroom

  1. I find fabulous the mix rustic + modern design. this bedroo is serene and beautiful…

  2. That farm house is gigantic, i love it!!!

  3. Simply fabulous!

  4. That bedroom is so calming, but I don’t know how I feel about the bathtub being in the same room

  5. This is a really great bedroom. It’s a mix of the modern and the old in a very gorgeous way.

  6. This is a totally neat but a bit scary bedroom. I’m spooked with the brick walls that when you look at it, a crook might get inside (just my imagination). But the whole bedroom itself really is good and has a relaxing glow in it.

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