fairy tale lights

fairy tale ligths

Today I’m loving … these lights wrapped around trees. This fairy tale like setting is part of a Southern Mexican wedding location.

(image by Steven Michael, found via Ruffled)

8 Responses to fairy tale lights

  1. I am loving this…so perfect for a wedding!

    Liesl 🙂

  2. quelle merveilleuse idée !
    belle journée

  3. Love it! So romantic and a real summer atmosphere!

  4. It must be really gorgeous!!! i love it

  5. So lovely and atmospheric…

  6. It’s the next best thing to fireflies.

  7. Gael Nombrado

    Nice Image!
    I’d like to buy this image to feature in my website. Could you let me know where can I buy it?


  8. background light adds SO much to a photo! These are always fun to see in weddings, whether they are wrapped around a tree, outlining a structure, or creating a curtain of lights! They match SO many decoration options!

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