homemade french bread


I baked this French bread today. Looking forward to lunch! The beautiful Spanish porcelain teapot is from Le Souk. Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Bravo I guess it is as good as beau!!

  2. Wow, can we get a recipe for this French bread? Please?

  3. That looks awesome and instantly makes me hungry!
    Yes please, could you share the recipe of the bread? This would be great!

  4. Wow you’re a professional baker! It looks real yummy!

  5. The teapot is nice, but all my focus in on the bread I love the bread, please the recipe, this bread looks so good!!!

  6. The teapot is from a galician ceramic named “Castro” . Castro and Sargadelos are the most famous porcelain from Galicia. I like it very much, and the bread too, of course!

  7. That bread looks incredible! Please post a link to the recipe!

  8. It makes me hungry,Thank you.

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