diy: displaying artwork with clothhangers


Today I’m loving … displaying artwork with pant/skirt hangers. This is a budget friendly solution (you can get these hanger for less then one USD/EURO at IKEA) as you don’t have to get your artwork framed. And it looks good as well!


(images via Apartment Therapy)

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  1. simply beautiful! such a nice idea, thanks so much for posting this! now i cant wait to move into my new apartment in a couple weeks and try this out YAY

  2. This is one of the ways I’m displaying my design work in my office! Apparently I’m not the only one who thinks that this is a good idea!! Love the pics!

  3. This looks great and light on the wall!!! I think it would be good to have another piece of the hanger to hold the other end of the artwork straight as some of them tend to fold up

  4. Hava Skovron

    What a brilliant way to display a collection of posters, I’m totally doing this! By the way, where can I find that great red, brown and tourquoise throw pillow?

  5. How simply brilliant! I also enjoy the little Domo hidden among the books

  6. What a great idea ! This might be put to good use in my new home : )

  7. Hey – will it be okay if I show these photo on my danish blog?
    And link to you <3 Best regards from Tina

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