holiday home in the south west of france


This is the holiday home of French interior designer Sarah Lavoine. This old farmhouse is located in the French Gers region (which is often called French Tuscany), in the South West of France. The dining area has beautiful steel windows and doors. And isn’t that rustic wooden table gorgeous?!


This outdoor area is perfect for al fresco eating. The wooden beams in the bedroom (below) are huge. Simply stunning!


(images via Cote Maison)

9 Responses to holiday home in the south west of france

  1. beautiful the rustic simplicity of the space..the outdoor dining space is fabulous! thanks for sharing..havr a lovely day..xx meenal

  2. Great place, great post! The exterior shots are beautiful!

  3. Oh my! This is perfect!
    xx Marie

  4. Spectacularly inviting simple comfort with timeless style. The perfect get away to think catch up cook and hear wild life. kudos~~

  5. Wow! Love it!:)

  6. I like how they used the Twinnings logos like paintings/posters in the house.

  7. Sarah Lavoine is such a perfect interior designer !! I love her work ! And his husband is a wonderfull singer

  8. I love the rattan hanging lamp in the first photo. Anyone know where I can find them? Thanks!

  9. Anyone know where you can get the Twinings posters? My girlfriend LOVES their tea and her b-day is coming up.

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