a beautiful home in mexico


This is the Mexican home of Laure Joliet’s father. Her dad worked with LA based architect (and fellow frenchman) Hervé Daridan to build this beautiful two bedroom house. When Laure (who is a photographer by the way) took this pictures the house wasn’t finished yet but you can already see how gorgeous it is.


Laure about her dad’s house: “There is lots of indoor/outdoor space, high ceilings, screened in porches, lots of land (that he’s planting an orchard on), a donkey, chickens and puppies and loads of promise”.


(images by Laure Joliet)

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  • love the grey color of the doors..it is gorgeous and the walls look like they are covered with parchment! simply beautiful..thanks for sharing..have a lovely day..do visit my blog when you have a moment..it would be lovely if you would follow me too..xx meenal

  • What a lovely home! Love, love the vibrant touches of red on the ethnic rugs that contrast with the neutral tones. Stunning!

  • I love the serene palette with pops of bold colors. I imagine the home is cool inside when the weather is hot, with all of that white. And I love the outdoor curtains– very dreamy!

  • ahhh, Mexico. don’t you adore the rustic simplicity? the way they use all the vibrant colors? very refreshing!
    I love your blog!!! the styles you chose from all over the world …Great for the “inspiration” files : )