a modern rustic kitchen


Today I’m loving … this beautiful kitchen. I found the image on the website of Elle Interior Norway but I have seen the kitchen before and I know it is somewhere in The Netherlands.

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  1. Oh yes… one of my friends is managing this kind of concrete °habillage° of your kitchen… she’s unfortunatly based in Marseilles… otherwise i would have order that for my extractor !! very nice indeed!!

  2. Very unique from all the other kitchens I’ve been seeing!

  3. I LOVE this kitchen. It is just so unfussy, basic and super cool. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Although I live somewhere in The Netherlands I am pretty sure it not my kitchen … wish it was though, what a beauty!

  5. what a amazing kitchen, the simple colors make this project stand out…

  6. i love concrete and wood together. very cool!

  7. Mooie keuken die er echt totaal niet Nederlands uitziet! Tot ik uit het raampje kijk, een Nederlands dak 😀

    Lieve groetjes Samira

  8. Klopt, keuken staat in Blaricum, heeft in meerdere woonbladen gestaan. En blijft inderdaad mooi!

  9. Lol at Marion 😉

  10. Daniel van der Reijden

    very nice. same colors & materials and i used for my kitchen in our old apartment on a amsterdam canal, beton cire and reclaimed oak from french trains.
    see?: http://burozinc.nl/ZINC/oakkitchen.html#0

  11. looks great and very modern..

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