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I have some news to share: I am starting a new blog! While going though my files in search for a holiday destination, I got a light bulb moment: I want to share these great destinations that I have saved over the years with you. This is exactly the same reason why I started the style files over 4 years ago. The name of this new blog will be … drum roll…: the travel files.

Now, in order to start blogging, I need a website and a logo. As you can tell from the (rather standard) design of this site, I am not a graphic designer. So… I’m in desperate need of YOUR help. If you know a bit about graphic design and you would like to contribute to my new blog, I’d like you to participate in the travel files web design contest!

– In order to be able to pick the winning design, I need an artists impression of the definite website design. This needs to include an idea for logo, header (including logo) and overall site design and lay out (the style files lay out serves as a good reference).
– The final logo needs to be able to be used for multiple purposes, including but not limited to business cards, stationary, Twitter avatar etc .
– The lay out needs to be based on the possibilities and limitations of WordPress, so in essence we are talking about a WordPress theme.
– I’m not a web design guru (nor do I have any experience in setting up web design competitions), so I need some support here and there!
– Submissions can be send to danielledelange [at]
– The winner will be picked by me on the 25th of May. The theme, logo banner etc then needs to be designed and created in the following 4 week period including feedback rounds. The launch of the travel files will on the 22nd of June!
– The winning design will only be used –and prizes will be rewarded- when the final result is satisfying subject to my approval.

Prizes?! What prizes?!
– The winner will receive goodies from Le Souk (and other items – all handpicked by me) with a total worth of at least 400 EUR. One of the items that will be in the prize winners box is the popular crocheted pouf.
– The winner (and a maximum of two ‘runners up’) will be mentioned on the style files in a post. The winner will be credited for eternity on the travel files as the designer of the site. 
– If you are an avid reader of the style files you probably know what I like in terms of style but you can always send me an email if you have any questions!

I am very much looking forward to receiving your ideas!

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  1. Hi,

    two ideas:

    – art academies have ‘project- bureaus’, there you could ask fot students who might be interested to particpate
    – even quicker:
    if you have a clear brief, and a sizable prize [which you do], you can really get nice responses.

    Good luck, like your blog.
    Perhaps there is some inspiration to be found on our website for you?
    (perhaps the private dwellings, like donderen/ eelde/ schoonebeek/ loenen aan de vecht/ etc.)

    Kind Regards,

  2. Nice! I’m off designing for you.

  3. I’m in too! When is the deadline?

  4. Thanks Nelleke for the info, this is helpful!

    Marije and Motoko, I am very much looking forward to your ideas!My goal is to select a winner on 25th May so the deadline is 24th May.

  5. Congratulations for the new blog…. Can’t wait to read it…It’s a very good idea this contest, unfortunatly I’m not graphic designer either. Good luck!

  6. Joana Dionisio Pereira

    Just one question, can one person send more than one idea?

  7. I’d have very please by sharing in this contest… but noway I’m just fan and dot artist enough… Sure you’ll get many nice ideas!!

  8. Check my site see what you think ?

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