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It’s another busy day with my man being sick (food poisoning) and a baby who is teething. I am dreaming of a quiet moment on this veranda with gorgeous ocean view.

(It has been so hectic that I forgot to save the source of this image – please let me know if you have more information!)

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  1. Hope they both feel better soon…xx meenal

  2. Oh no! Hope everyone gets well soon!

  3. danielle – not sure if it came from the same source, but here’s another shot of the veranda: http://www.onbluepoolroad.com/2011/04/lust-wish-dream.html – it’s from atlanta homes and lifestyles, so maybe there?

  4. I would love something looking like that too…
    Hope you guys get well soon!

  5. Thanks for a relaxing image…
    Hope your husband gets better soon!

  6. wow, looks like paradise! I would love to sit there… but i was wondering… will the ropes be secure for adults? (sorry, i’m too practical)

  7. C’est super beau et doux.
    Cela donne envie de se prélasser.

  8. wow, that looks so relaxing. give me a book and a mojito and I’m a happy girl.

  9. I’ve been taking photos of decks for some articles I’ve written but gosh, I never stopped to think about photos showing the view from a deck or porch. Shame on me as that is one of the points I make about picking the location for your deck, to get the best view.

  10. I just found my dream

  11. Just found your blog, love it! My baby is teething too, no fun! Happy Friday!
    I ♥ Nap Time

  12. If you need to find the source of an image you can use TinEye.com. It’s a revese image search engine, just upload the photo and it will tell you what sites have posted the picture…

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