la maison pujol, france


La Maison Pujol is a small (only 5 rooms) luxury bed and breakfast in the South of France. Architect and designer Philippe Phi has renovated this former winery into a stylish boutique hotel.


Each of the rooms has been decorated with a vintage twist. The furniture is a eclectic mix of design classics, modern pieces and bric-a-brac finds. Vintage letters (I love them!) can be found on the exterior and interior of the hotel.


The location of the hotel, surrounded by Cabardès and Minervois vineyards, is also breathtaking. You can find more information about rates and availability on the hotel’s website.

9 Responses to la maison pujol, france

  1. Love these spaces. So modern rustic chic!

  2. Love this bed and breakfast and the M. Yllera pics. But i think it’s called Maison Pujol without the “De”. Happy friday!

  3. What an inspiring place…just wonderful!
    Have a lovely day!

  4. The stone floors are so cool! So this the desk top. Wonder if it’s a stone or concrete? Melissa

  5. beautiful the mix of furniture style and yes those vintage letters! thanks for sharing..have a lovely visit my blog when you have a moment! xx meenal

  6. Love the bathroom…and the all pictures….so beautiful!!!! have a nice week!!!!

  7. This B&B is on my list of places where I would love to spend a weekend (or more) some time very soon! Beautiful pics!

  8. Love these pictures! Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Yes, I love this vintage twist !

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