sweet dreams


Today I’m loving … this (very easy to make) wall art.

(image from Lidyll)

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  1. the image source is:
    check out her creative blog!!!!

  2. Oh my! I`m so proud to see my image here!*smile*
    Made my day!

  3. I love this! What a pretty idea.

  4. ?????It is good fun.

  5. Very nice! I’ve always thought of what to put in the wall as I don’t have a headboard. This is a great idea!

  6. ook een leuk idee – dochterlief schreef deze week dezelfde woorden met roze krijt op haar krijtbol in de kamer

  7. Goed idee en dan met afbeeldingen van spullen/plekken e.a. waar je nog van droomt..

    Liefs Samira

  8. Oh I love this!! It’s what I should be doing right now..sleeping..Zzzzzz….

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  10. This is a really easy idea! I never thought to use this method, i will try

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