bedroom inspiration


I’m loving the neutral tones in this bedroom and how the blue of the lamp really pops out with these colors.

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  1. I agree, very pure and simple, and the lamp is really nice.

  2. Lovely neutral tones in the bedroom. Echelon Home also uses neutrals in their Cubism Collection. Enjoy and thanks for the post!

  3. i love!!!!! the grey foor is so nice…

  4. Very calm and serene…love it!!

  5. Love the palette! Beatiful work by Abigail Ahern

  6. OMG!! I typed ‘beatiful’ instead beautiful!!

  7. This room will also look beautiful if you’ll hang a canvas or any frame above the headboard of the bed. Maybe something that will also complement the color of your cute color blue lamp. 🙂

  8. Beauty in the mundane. Well done!

  9. where do i get that knit blanket?!

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