a beautiful bathroom


Today I’m loving … this stunning bathroom.

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  1. you’re so right, I’ve seen that bathroom before and always thought the rug is the thing that sets it apart.

  2. wow, I like it 🙂

  3. anyone know who makes these rugs?
    reminds me of a polish rug you would find in the cepelia…

  4. Wow! What is that type of rug called? Love it.

  5. Yes please tell us where we can find this rug! I really need it. -T

  6. look! i not only recalled it, I found it:

    a similar-ish rug is shown there
    Above: Round Braided Jute Rug; $149 for the 6-foot-diameter size and $249 for the 8-foot-diameter size at West Elm.

  7. this rug (along the lines of the rug above) I found via finelittleday.com

    lovely baskets too

  8. It looks very much like Armadillo & co rugs

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