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Simple, clean, and classic. These are the words that can be used to describe the vintage finds of Julie, the owner of Etsy shop The Old Red Hen. Thrifting, antiquing, and collecting have been part of Julie’s life since she was a young girl.


Her mother, grandmother, aunts & uncles have always filled their homes with timeworn treasures and interesting relics. Julie would never tire of looking at unusual vintage pieces or hearing stories of where they’d come from.


You can see all available items in Julies’ shop here.

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  1. Love your inspirational blog! Found you via Bodie and Fou. I will be back for sure!

    Hope your day is beautiful!


  2. There’s something great about the simplicity of these on a Monday morning!

  3. I just found a perfect site for you. Its in swedish but I know you would love it. Filled with images from swedish apartments in a city called malmö. You can find the link in my blog or here on this site

  4. a new favorite for sure! thank you so much for the introduction! xo t

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  6. I <3 distressed wood.

  7. My my! How creamy and yummy!

  8. Your photos are freakin’ boring. Sorry, they just are.

  9. TheLadyWeaver

    Doesn’t it bother anyone else that they can see the photographer in the spoons? This is pretty basic stuff she should have taken care of. It drives me crazy.

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