moroccan stencil staircase


Today I’m loving …. these staircases with stencils from the Moroccan stencil collection at Royal Design Studio.


(images via Painter Girl)

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  1. Love the yellow one! xoxo Marie

  2. These stencils are Fantastic!! Wish I had stairs!

  3. These stairs are beautiful. People tend to forget about stairs and not consider them when designing their home. However, these stairs are obviously well thought out and stunning! I have a whole post on awesome stairs – check out my blog…

  4. Hello Danielle! Thank you reposting this awesome project using our stencils. The yellow stairs were done by the talented Carol Leonesio in New York. The neutral colored stairs below were designed for, and done on site at Peacock Pavilions in Marrakech, Morocco. I have taken several groups of painters there and this was a project done on one of our first trips. I definitely think painted decoration (which is so easy!) makes climbing the stair infinitely more fun!!

  5. Patricia Tuttle

    These staircases are absolutely gorgeous!! So unique.

  6. Oh I want a staircase! Love these!

  7. This is a really inspiring way to inject interest into an otherwise dull space. I love the juxtaposition of all the different patterns, which work so beautifully together!

  8. Definitely love them both but would prefer the gray one if we had a staircase.
    Very cool finds,


  9. wow, beautiful, i love the yellow ones, it actually reminds me of a place i stayed in morocco.

  10. Would adore having the yellow staircase in my imaginary beachhouse!! It’s gorgeous…

  11. All are beautifully done but my fave is the yellow one. Wonderful art.

  12. Yes I think these great, do you have a rough pricing?
    Do the designs come in a set like this? I did look at your link and think maybe they are indiv priced, if so is there a way to get the effects shown here reasonably costed?

  13. What a lovely idea, the bottom colour is fabulous

  14. Actually, we have both of these staircases in my house. The stencils for the yellow staircase were originally made by Melanie Royals for my own house and we did them in a soft black and ivory running up our staircase. Then of course we have the second one — the photo you have is not very clear — the staircase is actually all in varying shades of taupe and grey.

  15. Wow… the yellow staircase looks great! Love how each stair has a different pattern.

  16. Chris Smith

    Danielle, love your blogg and shop. I was so happy to see the photo of the yellow stairs done by my friend Carol in Cambridge Ma. Carol is known as PainterGirl, and she too has a great blog. Thanks for sharing.

  17. I love these stair designs. Is there some top coat applied to keep them from getting hopelessly scuffed?

  18. Olga Tucker

    How can I buy these stencils?

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  20. Love the yellow stairs! So cute

  21. Where can I find instructions and stencils for this?

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  23. could you achieve a similar result using wallpaper as I don’t think my stenciling skills are up to this?

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