branch pendant


I have been posting several blogs in which branches were used for various decoration purposes (such as branch bannisters, a branch hanger, a branch as wall decoration) . This branch pendant that was featured on decor8 fits really well in this series of posts.


The beautiful pendant was created by Anna-Malin Lindgren, you can read how she made it here.

(images by Anna-Malin Lindgren / via decor8)

6 Responses to branch pendant

  1. What an inspired idea! This pendant is a wonderful way to inject some more organic shapes into an industrial interior and I adore the oversized globes

  2. That’s a great idea! And it can’t be that difficult! Thanks for sharing Danielle!xo

  3. Looks amazing, I love lights that’s a little different than usual.

  4. I love that post.
    Such a great idea, and it looks amazing!

  5. A little bit off topic… but those boots are cute!

  6. Amazing and Unique…

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