ceramics by wendy jung


This beautiful Christmas tea light holder from Etsy seller Wendy Jung is made from off white porcelain. It gives a soft magical glow and cast tiny dancing lights when placed near walls.


Another favorite of mine are these hanging vases. Gorgeous!

8 Responses to ceramics by wendy jung

  1. The tea light holders remind me of the Moroccan brass lamps which also create wonderful patterns on the walls. I am always fascinated by these patterns and cannot get enough…

  2. i love the hanging vases… you can create such a wonderful feature with them!

  3. Love the hanging vases!! beautiful!!



  4. Love the clean lines and their simplicity. A solid design.

  5. I love the simplicity of the hanging vases. So peaceful. Congratulations.

  6. Beautiful those hanging vases. I will put them om my Christmas wishlist.

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  8. These are charming and add some stimulating ch’i (energy) where the feng shui might be stagnant. Great blog! I’ll be back to explore some more.

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