perivolas resort on santorini, greece


I could really use a holiday right now! Unfortunately baby Kick is still too little but I am already searching for places where we could go to next year. The Perivolas Resort is one on my wish list of place to stay.


This gorgeous hotel is poised on the cliff high above the Aegean, on the island of Santorini in Greece. The interior is stunning, I love the (subtle) use of color. There are no TVs by the way as it is a place to switch off. A place to read, recharge, relax, sleep, rest, and dream. I am wondering though if they will appreciate quests with small children..


Originally designed as a family home, Perivolas still feels like a private residence. Intimate in scale and atmosphere, every house is different. Built by native craftsmen using local materials, the interiors embody Cycladic style, with its organic forms and smooth surfaces. Breezy rooms are naturally cooled by sculpted stone walls and vaulted ceilings pierced by skylights.


Beds are built into snug alcoves, adorned with a posy of hand-picked flowers. Niches and archways are scooped out of whitewashed walls, low-slung sofas offset by hand-woven rugs and cushions in vivid fuschia and lilac. Timeless and quietly glamorous, interiors are pared down so that nothing distracts from the show-stopping views and nothing disturbs the intensity of the stillness. Simply perfect!


(images from Perivolas)

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  1. This place looks so amazing – great find

  2. Hi, Danielle,
    I didn’t know you had a baby…Congratulations!!

  3. This resort looks so relaxing. I love the way they use colored pillows, throws and rugs against the white wash to give it an understated fun but relaxing atmosphere. Hope you make it there next year.

  4. Just stunning, and very soothing – think it must have something to do with that Greek light!

  5. Santorini is one of my favourite places in the world and this hotel looks AMAZING!!! I love the combination of pink and purple – I first came across it (the colour combination) in a hotel in Zanzibar and think it works incredibly well. Combined with the whitewashed walls here, it looks so serene and relaxing… aaah, am feeling so homesick now… even that little slither of a sea view makes me reminiscent : (

  6. These kinda houses are just amazing.. strange to see the purple in the house we are so used to seen blues in this Greek villas 😉

  7. I’m a design addict and a great fun of your site and your e-shop. I’m greek and have spent all my holidays in Santorini which is my favorite island. I suggest you to check out three more hotels in the island, that I find even more amazing:, and If you ever go there I would be more than happy to send you information about the best places to visit.
    Thank you for inspiring me to start my own blog.

  8. Great place! Santorini is lovely. Especially the little town of Ia. Greet sunsets!
    We are planning to go island hopping this summer with the kids (wil be 7 and 9 by the time). Any tips?

  9. How beautiful! Just the photos look relaxing. Perfect indeed!

  10. I like!!
    This resort is the best!

  11. Gasp! It’s gorgeous! Hmmm…kids? I can see my son diving for those squishy pillows (and yelling VAMPIRE!) so, maybe not so serene with kids (but fun!)

  12. love this – so refreshing

  13. Wow – I would never leave these rooms. Stunning. Love the touch of turquiose. Yes, simply perfect.

  14. Love the colours.

  15. Great photos of a Great Greek island.

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