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I know that many of you wanted to see Kick’s nursery. I finally managed to take some photos so here it is! The beautiful fabric wall stickers are from Mae. We are loving them! Mae is an Australian company founded by Peta, Bec and Emily. They were brought together by their mutual love of sweet, whimsical designs and the desire to create a working life that complimented their personal lives.


The rocking chair was bought on Marktplaats (= Dutch Craigs List) and the striped rug is from Zara Home. The handmade Egyptian pendant light is from Le Souk, as is the wooden stool.

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  1. Love the lamp!!! The nursery looks adorable, great job! xoxo

  2. sooo sweet – just like little kick! x

  3. it’s so sweet and lovely!

  4. So very sweet! Congratulations on your new addition. I love the floor lamp – where is it from? Thanks.

  5. It’s darling, and ever so sweet! He’s a cutie!

  6. very sweet! love the room…the lamp, the tiny table, the carpet, and the lovely wall decals…

  7. what a lovely, lovely, lovely room. I just love it!!!

  8. Just PERFECT !
    What a lucky boy and love the wall stickers !

  9. the floor lamp is from IKEA. do you believe that?!

  10. it’s soooo beautiful! Love everything…. thanks for sharing this!

  11. wat een lief en mooi kamertje!!

  12. Congratulations on your nursery. The wall art is beautiful and fits perfectly with the floor lamp, also very fun. All the best for your baby 🙂

  13. oh it’s sooo perfect! love love love it 🙂

  14. Love it, want to have a baby just so I can have a room like this too!

  15. I absolutely love this nursery – it’s so sweet, calm and fresh…perfection!!

  16. Hi Danielle, congratulation for the birth of your baby boy…I have been reading you since last year but it’s the first time I comment, I think your son’s nursery deserves it, so so cute, plus I also have Mae’s stickers in my baby’s room! 🙂

  17. I am late, but congratulations and welcome to the world, Kick! You have a really beautiful nursery, and a very talented mother.

  18. my best congratulations for Your new baby. It’s so beautiful to see the attention You payed in decorating Your son’s room. Every child should be as lucky and loved.
    “Ciao” from Florence,

  19. just beautiful!

  20. simply beautiful 🙂

  21. The nursery is beautiful and has such a sense of serenity and calm…hopefully it means a peacefully sleeping baby !!!! I love the bedspread on your bed..where is it from?

  22. beautiful! congratulations on the birth of your little one! your wood floors are so lovely i was wondering what wood they are and the finish you used.. just lovely..

  23. thank you for all your lovely comments & kind words about kick and his nursery room!

    Some answers to your questions: the wooden floor is made from oak and it has a white wash finish. The bedspread in the master bedroom is vintage. I will be selling some similar ones on Ebay shortly.

  24. So peaceful and beautiful!

  25. so cute and very comfortable…

  26. Love it ! And love love the stickers, thanks for the tip !

  27. Incredible! Love what you’ve done with the place!

  28. hello, I loved the room.
    I mentioned you in my blog.

  29. What a great nursery! And not to mention your bedroom!

    I keep coming back to your website and look at these pictures.It´s something about the atmosphere in your bedroom that seems very calming. Perhaps it´s the crisp white and the wooden floors, or maybe it´s the shutters. I don´t know but I love it!

  30. I love your nursery! It’s so sweet and calming.

  31. So wonderful to see the Mae stickers in a real life nursery. Peta and her gang of Aussie ladies are a talented bunch!

    And agreed, that whole pad is stunning!!!!

  32. Love the wall stickers. Suits very well.

  33. Julie McLeod

    Just love your designs – I’m going to be a Grandmother soon and just after some ideas and you have heaps!!

    Thank you

  34. Very nice! Love the colors

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