black walls


More black walls! How do you feel about these dark colored walls? I do like the black wall in the bathroom combined with the beautiful wooden floor.


(images by NY based photographer Melanie Acevedo)

4 Responses to black walls

  1. Yeah, that’s really nice!!! We’re LOVING the black wall! 🙂

  2. This bathroom is stunning! The color they picked and the materials that went with. I’m fond of the intimacy it has created.

    I’m actually a sucker for creating darker bedrooms as well, especially for school projects, but personally it’s too dark and gloomy for me. Living in the north I crave lighter or brighter interior settings that makes me jump out of bed 🙂

  3. there is something very classical & timeless in these images! I like the style

  4. My all time favorite!!!!!!!!!!! I love Jenna Lyons home!

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