giant porcelain chandelier


Today I’m loving …. this grey wall and the huge porcelain chandelier from Abigail Ahern.

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  1. I am really into grey walls, my entire house is painted a similar colour. I get lots of natural sun light and it makes the rooms so moody at dusk.

    The room above is fabulous, loving the modern chair with the chunky wood table.

  2. the chandelier is really amazing!

  3. The chandelier is fabulous. I hardly can believe that is porcelain. Wished I could see it when illuminated though…

  4. Oooh! Gorgeous! Incredibly inspiring! I love to read your blog! Always a fresh refill for my “Scandinavianly” stuffed interior design brain 🙂 Love to se all new designs you present.

  5. oh my god – i want to take it home and love it

  6. The chandelier is huge! and doesn’t look like porcelain at all.

  7. wow, what a chandelier! great!

  8. I’m quite partial to the round convex mirror. Any ideas on the best place to source one in NL or BE? (Based in Bxl). And I recognise the emu table from somewhere too. An English designer?

  9. Thanks for all your comments!

    Frida, I love reading your blog as well!

  10. Love this. Especially the ostrich bottom table!

  11. Do you know where the side table is from?

  12. Someone has information about the gueridon (side table)??? I love it!

  13. Completely out of proportion the chandelier. Not my taste.

  14. I have been in search of the perfect chandelier and this might just be it!

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