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Thank you so much for all your wonderful comments and email about the birth of our son Kick. We enjoyed reading them and were touched by your kind words! I’d like to invite you to virtually join us for a ‘beschuit met muisjes’, which is a typical Dutch tradition when a baby is born.

“Beschuit met muisjesโ€ (“Biscuits with little mice”) is the traditional food served to celebrate the birth of a baby in the Netherlands. Beschuit is a kind of toasted bread. They are round, and are prepared by baking a small cylindrical bread, cutting it in half and baking a second time. They are spread with butter (or margarine) and the muisjes (literally translated: ‘little mice’) are sprinkled on top. These muisjes are sugared anise seeds. They are sold in a mixture of two colours: white and blue which are servered when a boy is born and white and pink for a new born girl.

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  • Thank you very much for your kind and virtual invitation.
    I just eat a slice of your Beschuit met muisjes and I liked a lot. ;))
    Enjoy your beautiful baby … they grow up so fast!

  • My best wishes for your beautiful sunshine !
    My husband is half french/ polish by his father and half french / dutch by his mother. A part of his family lives in Netherlands, when we visit them, we eat in the morning coffee with milk and hagelslag “de ruijter” and at 12, we eat cecemel with broodjes , these are reasons why I’d be glad de live there !!!!!!! this is so great ๐Ÿ™‚
    so enjoy to be a mother and enjoy your meal :::::