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Last Monday, 13 September, we became the proud and happy parents of a beautiful baby boy named Kick (which is an old Dutch name). We are all doing great (despite the lack of sleep..)! I have some posts lined up so I will continue blogging but perhaps not as frequent as I am used to. I will resume to my regular schedule in about 2 weeks time.

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS Danielle – he is gorgeous, healthy, and simply perfect. You both must be thrilled. He is so lucky to have you as his mom, you’re such a lovely person. I wish you much joy and happiness with him and I can’t wait to see him in person. 🙂 🙂 xo Holly

  2. Congratulations and welcome to the world baby Kick

  3. Congratulations! he´s a beautiful boy! take your time and enjoy those beautiful crazy first days with a baby at home 🙂

  4. Oh my gosh that is truly the sweetest picture. What a perfect little boy!!!! Congratulations. Enjoy. Rest.

  5. Congratulations from Argentina! 😀

  6. woohooooo!!!!

    congrats from hamburg*

  7. Congratulations Danielle! He’s adorable!

  8. Congratulations!
    He is already a very handsome boy!

  9. congratulations!! he’s beautiful 🙂

  10. bienvenu joli petit bébé !

  11. Congratulations! He is so perfect. Wishing your whole family happiness.

  12. Aw, he’s gorgeous. Congratulations!

  13. Oh my, he is gorgeous! Congratulations!

  14. Congratulations! Un bambino stupendo!

  15. Congratulations!

  16. Congratualtions! He looks so cute. I´m pregnant, too, our Baby doughter comes in december!

  17. oh wow, hello KICK! congratulations to this beautiful babyboy, and by the way, supercool name!! wish you a lot of love and sleep!! tilda

  18. congratulations! he’s beautiful! we share the same birthday!

  19. Congratulations! He’s truly lovely.

  20. He is beautiful! Congratulations so much!

  21. Congratulations! Kick rocks !!! 😉 Wszystkiego najlepszego !

  22. Wow, congratulations! He’s so beautiful!
    I’m so happy for you!

  23. Meredith Thomas

    I have never commented in your blog before, but that baby boy is so gorgeous and so perfect that I just had to let you know! (Not that you don’t already know this!) Congratulations.

    Have a million hugs every day – they grow up too fast….

  25. Congratulations Danielle! He is so beautiful. Enjoy every moment!

  26. What a beautiful boy. Congratulations! I look forward to your new posts with kids in mind (once he starts moving around!).

  27. He is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen. Congratulations!

  28. Wow, wat een prachtig mannetje! Gefeliciteerd!

  29. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zur Geburt von Kick! Gut gemacht, ;).

  30. Oh my god!! He is GORGEOUS!
    Enjoy this special time in his life! 🙂

  31. Gorgeous boy but Kick?? He’s set up for the “Kick Me” sign on his back all of his life. Why do we have to try to be so different at the expense of our kids?

  32. Hi Shirley, thanks for your comment, thought it was a bit upsetting to me. I have to react to this as we don’t try to be different at the expense of our baby. We live in The Netherlands and Kick is a very old fashioned Dutch name. It is not a ‘fashionable’ name at all! We wanted to give him a real Dutch name and not give him a typical English / American name.

  33. So cute…
    he’s probably a so nice little boy now…

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