cinq design in tokyo


These images are from Japanese shop Cinq design. This front store, located in Tokyo, has a great collection of simple and rustic home accessories.


Their website, which is in Japanese though, is great to browse for inspiration.

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  1. LOVE simple and rustic – I used to live around the corner from Muji, and was constantly tempted!

  2. Very nice indeed… thanks for those lovely images!
    Imagine having a store like that around the corner…

  3. Adorable. I hope they add an English version of their website.

  4. That lovely black pot was designed by a Finnish designer called Timo Sarpaneva in the ’60’s. It’s available at

  5. Once again I find it interesting how near the finnish and the japanese styles are!
    I’m pretty sure all items on teh first picture are finnish design (Iittala/Arabia). On the 2nd picture the plates too. And the coffee pot is just like the one my parents gave me – they bought it for their first home back in teh late 50ties in Finland. Mine is dark blue.

  6. Another cool comment, I appreciate it. I have scanned more blog posts around here and I liked what I saw. Good show.

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