white & blond wood


Today I am loving … the combination of white and blond wood. The stool in the top right image and the day bed in one of the images below are from IKEA.


(images by Trine Thorsen)

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  1. That daybed is from ikea?

    This combo is so fresh!

  2. It is so Scandinavian white and blond wood – I just love it. It is also has a timeless feel.

  3. I saw that daybed in Ikea last weekend, and the wood looks just wonderful, but the white leather was tacky (and it was grubby and torn from the caresses of a thousand hands). Maybe you could get it in linen…

  4. Love these…I’m always tempted to buy unfinished wood and paint it, but I love the organic clean feel of natural wood!

  5. I am afraid to buy anything at IKEA. My daughter bought a console there that was bowed by a thin screen T.V.

  6. White and blond wood is calming yet warm. I canot believe that the daybed is from Ikea. I have to check out the new collection.

  7. Where is that black jug/kettle from?

  8. perfect combination . i love this

  9. Does anyone know the model name of the IKEA daybed? Still can’t believe it’s IKEA (partially because I can’t find it on their website…)

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