antlers & horns


Lately I have been seeing a lot of antlers and horns as wall decoration. I am not sure what to think of it but they do look good in these interiors above and below.


It is a bit unusual to find antlers and a deer in a bathroom but somehow they fit and look good in this space. I don’t know the source of the top picture, the second photo (above) I found on Emma Designblogg.


A collection of beautiful things. I found this photo on Emmas Designblogg as well but I have no further information about the photographer.


This picture (above) is from photographer Melanie Acevedo’s portfolio.


The photo above shows the bedroom of Nikole Grace, her house was recently featured on Design*Sponge.

6 Responses to antlers & horns

  1. I’m not that keen on mounted animal heads – way too spooky for me. I suppose antlers, horns and other bones objects aren’t so bad if displayed tastefully, but still you got to ask yourself the question… why at all?

  2. There’s a great example of antlers over the bed here…

  3. I always want to drape something minute and silky from those horns – just so they don’t take themselves too seriously…

  4. Nah, just not me I’m afraid. I’m with Janine, why? However for points on context, I think the first image wins. At least those horns fit into the other decor.

    Jennifer XX

  5. For those of you, who are afraid and think it’s spooky, what about an antler made of paper like this one:

    I really love these!

  6. Just be careful not to get stuck! I think if the room is big enough then having some horns on the wall is nice…

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