happy weekend & apricot tart


Happy weekend! The sun is shining here: it is a great day to have a picnic outside with for example this beautiful apricot almond tart! You can find the recipe here on My Tartelette.

7 Responses to happy weekend & apricot tart

  1. ummm, hellooo…yum!

  2. Thanks for reminding me of Tartelettes blog, for some reason I forgot about her. Her blog is very appetizing!

  3. Oh my, that looks incredible! If you try making it, please tell us how it is…


  4. Funny, I always think of cherry, plum, pear, apple but never apricot. I’m gonna try that!

  5. Yummy! It looks so delicious! Cheers for the intro.

  6. Wow those photos are amazing!!!

  7. Tartlette’s work is sensational! Yummy!

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