bamboo tray/container by harri koskinen for alessi


This multifunctional tray/container is designed by Harri Koskinen for Alessi. Harri is a Finnish designer, born 1970 in Karstula, Finland. He has studied at the Institute Of Art And Design in Helsinki.


Harri about the tray which is called Fat Tray: ‘I have called this voracious tray ‘fat’ because it has already swallowed everyhing you need for setting a table, which is now on the inside, while on top, fresh food, beverages or pastries area ready to be served during a business meeting or an afternoon tea. It is the first tray/container by Alessi and their only wooden tray currently in production.’

4 Responses to bamboo tray/container by harri koskinen for alessi

  1. I like this! Clean lines, simple & clever design.

  2. amazing design… good looking and functional!

  3. bamboo is the best material in 2010 for interior design

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