indoor swing

jeltje photograpy

Who says that swings are for outdoor use only!

(image by Jeltje)

9 Responses to indoor swing

  1. My kids would love this!


  2. I remember having a swing installed in the doorway of the living room when I was a child. The happy times are back.

  3. My daughter would die for an indoor swing 🙂

    This home looks fab by the way, seems to have high-ceiling and I like the style of the room

  4. I can’t even put into words how much I LOVE that indoor swing!

  5. The swing set completely changes the dynamic of this room!

    The play on scale and height turns this cutesy dining / display area into a surreal dollhouse. Everything in the room is transformed from designed objects to intricate figurines. I’m really impressed by this idea (and I’ll have to keep it in mind).

  6. I wish I had ceilings that high! I would totally get a swing. Great space.

  7. I heart indoor swings! Lovely photo!

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  9. Amazing how a simple swing can provide a peaceful focus in the room.

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