home of agnes emery


These images are from the Morrocan home of designer Agnès Emery. The gorgeous Moroccan tiles (called zelliges) are available from her shop Emery & Cie (located in Antwerp, Brussels, Paris and London).

(images from Morten Holtum)

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  1. These rooms are absolutely fabulous – such a well curated combination of vintage items and modern color schemes.

  2. nice,the combination are realy on the modern style

  3. Thank you for the beautiful post – I’ve seen that kitchen elsewhere, so good to know the designer at last

  4. Oh my, those tiles. I think this is heaven, your lovely little blog. Those tiles are a dream. I’m tempted to buy a whole big box of them to use in a future kitchen someday, though I would have no idea what to do with them until that someday arrives.

  5. can i be a fly on her wall…and just live in her house for the duration of my short life? i love the colors, the cracked vintage feel of the house… so beautiful.

  6. Oh wow! That sweet kettle is the best!!

  7. beautiful color combination!

  8. lee is right,very beautiful color on that picture

  9. I’m glad you all enjoyed this post. Aren’t those tiles gorgeous…

  10. I believe this home is actually in Brussels. It’s on the cover of “Brussels Style,” published by Taschen.

  11. Oh, these images leave me breathless. I can’t believe a person can imagine a more perfect combination of style, character, and tradition, all in perfect unison.

  12. Can Agnes share where she found that start light fixture and perhaps tell me where I can find one?

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