pink stairs

pink stairs.jpg

What do you think of this VERY pink stairs?

(image from Morten Holtum)

11 Responses to pink stairs

  1. haha I LOVE it!!

  2. Wow! I’m also totally in love with it!

    Nice but little crazy idea to paint athe old stairs all pink:)

  3. I LOVE IT!
    – wish I had one like that;-)

  4. I love it too, but wonder if they got a little dizzy while painting it…

  5. Looks like its floating!

  6. Perfect for the ascent to a little princesses bedroom!

  7. Hey, what a statement. I’m not usually into pink. But this one is fabulous.

  8. I do actually have stairs very much like this….and they need painting. Somehow I don’t think I will be brave enough to paint them this colour. At the moment they are a camel colour. Maybe a brick red instead?

  9. i love that cute little dollhouse even more!

  10. WOW…this has to be the coolest stairs I’ve ever seen….for a GIRLY-girl apt. though!

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